KOSMOS Programme

KOSMOS Programme

The KOSMOS Programme offers flexible instruments for inviting international guests for research and teaching to Humboldt-Universität.

Important: Currently there is no call for applications in this funding line


The KOSMOS format supports Humboldt-Universität‘s international orientation by enabling international scientists to visit the university in three complementary programmes: two-week-long Summer Universities for intensive exchange, Workshops (three to five days) and Dialogues (one to three days). KOSMOS was developed with the objective of creating a sustainable tool for strengthening international partnerships. The programme further consolidates the university’s international profile, aiming to generate enthusiasm for Humboldt-Universität among science partners around the world. KOMSOS provides seed money for scholars who want to expand and develop sustainable partnerships in the areas of research and teaching.

KOSMOS Dialogues

The KOSMOS Dialogues support a short-term stay of an international researcher at HU.
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KOSMOS Workshops

The funding supports joint workshops between HU researchers and researchers from at least one other cooperation partner.
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KOSMOS Summer University and KOSMOS Fellowship

KOSMOS Summer Universities allow researchers at HU to combine three vital elements of their work - interdisciplinary research, international collaboration, and the promotion of excellent young researchers - in a new format.
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The KOSMOS Programme is a key element in the internationalisation of research and teaching in the context of the Humboldt University‘s strategy “Bildung durch Wissenschaft. Educating Enquiring Minds: Individuality - Openess - Guidance”. The programme draws upon the tradition of Alexander von Humboldt’s “Lectures on Physical Geography” - known as the KOSMOS Lectures. KOSMOS consolidates and advances two of the university’s main strengths: international and interdisciplinary exchange. Another important component of the KOSMOS Programme is the funding of young researchers and teachers. You will find further informations about the current KOSMOS projects in the KOSMOS brochure.

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